Customer Care Recognition Event

The celebrate our awesome Customer Care agents, we held a Classic Novels themed recognition event this Wednesday. Here’s a list of the well deserved winners. Have you spoken to any of these superstars before?

2013-10-23_SquareTrade_Q3 Awards-CS04

All of our agents gather in the kitchen for a quick bite before the event.

Q3 Award Winners

Romeo & Juliet Award – Liz for being most loved by our customers.
Anthem Award – Jeremy for exceeding all of the team goals.
Ham on Rye Award – Kisle. He may be a newcomer but he’s proven to be exceptional.
Cat in the Hat Award – Vincent. Like how the cat in the hat always manages to clean up before their parents get home, Vincent always arrives to work on time.

Great Expectations Award – Pete P. for his stellar performance.
Call of the Wild Award - Pete Y. for leading by example and being a continued resource for his team members.
Catcher in the Rye – Nathan for staying true to SquareTrade’s core values and going above and beyond all the time.
Art of War – Holly for her outstanding performance.

Last but not least, the Don Quixote Award goes to the entire QA team, Bea, Rachel and Joey. The QA team has served as a resource for continued development for the Customer Care team.

2013-10-23_SquareTrade_Q3 Awards-CS31

Go team!

4 Responses to “Customer Care Recognition Event”

  1. I bought a warranty in 13th december and cancelled it in 28th december. In your site says that you will give the money back in 5 days, I’m waiting more than a month and so far nothing. Please help me get my money back. Case number (#0004345454)

  2. Hello
    I am a new customer and i had purchased a warranty from the the iphone app, and now the iPhone has been restored and when i download the app again could not find my information in the application please help thank you.

    2- I am a member of a monthly subscription for three days now, can I cancel a monthly subscription and pay $ 99 once for a full two years and I have the iPhone in more than 30 days, thank you.

    # Sorry For My Bad English .

  3. Miriam Torres-Souffront Reply December 10 at 12:45 am

    I am delighted with the response I recently received from Square Trade. Though I have purchased 3 warranty contracts with ST, I had never had to test their usefulness in practice. until last month, that is. And in less than 1 month, and on a warranty that was about to expire, I had to call upon ST twice to service my 3-year old laptop. The first contact was via the easy to use web-based claims process. The second time I was dreading having to speak to someone given that this was a request going out within less than 3 weeks of the initial one and on the date the warranty was to expire. I was ready to hear the “top 10 reasons” why this claim would be disallowed. But to my surprise, when I spoke with Brian I knew right away this was different. Brian could not have been more pleasant and polite in his tone of voice , in his manner of speaking, in the ways he looked for the issue to be resolved. In both instances, I received the sturdy pre-paid box to send the laptop to the ST servicer and got it back , each time, within less than 7 days, and in working order. ST: I am a customer and a cheerleader for as long as this level of premium customer orientation and service prevails. It distinguishes ST as an outfit I wish to do business and recommend in confidence to friends and family. Thank you!

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